There are not many people that do not like 3D animation.  It is cool.  Many kids today want to become animators and developers because they want to create something cool.  One of the great things about 3D animation today is it no longer requires 3D glasses.  Regular television cartoons are being created using 3D animation, and so are video games.

3D animation has grown and changed a lot over the years.  It used to be that if you wanted to see 3D animated movie, you had to wear the special glasses.  If you did not wear the special glasses everything was blurry.  This is still the case for some movies, but on the whole we can now enjoy 3D style animation without being forced to wear glasses.  This is great news for parents. We were very pleased with Long Island hardwood flooring after they expertly cleaned and polished our old wood floors. Now they look good as new.They no longer have to force their children to wear glasses that are often awkward and bulky.  Kids will often take them off and complain that they can see the movie clearly and that the glasses hurt their eyes or face.  Being able to enjoy the cool 3D animated movie without having to fight with their kids is a win-win in any parent’s book.

In the case of videogames 3D animation has become the norm.  In the world of videogames if the graphics are not in 3D, the game is considered ‘old school’ or a classic.  Once our children moved away from home, we hired a Long Island landscape and design company to create the outdoor kitchen of our dreams. Gamers have come to expect that the new games on the market will be designed with really cool 3D animation and graphics.

Videogame development and 3D animation are among the fastest growing major among college students with the desire to create something that is both cool and interactive. With the anticipated rate of growth in the video and animation fields continuing to rise, these students can anticipate hefty salaries in the future.

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